Better Chances for the right Home Cleaning

If you do not use a domestic help and you find cleaning particularly annoying to do: we have tips here to make cleaning fun

Make it a match

When you are a competitive person by nature, it is always nice to make a small competition with reward. Declare a prize for those who win and set goals. A small nice or nice reward, makes children participate with much enthusiasm. But even if you only clean, you can agree in advance how you can reward yourself afterwards. You need the good at home cleaning services for this task.

Involve the whole family

Keeping your house clean is not just the job of mum. Try to involve the whole family. When everyone cleans at the same time, you can make a fun activity with food and music (and see tip 1). Moreover: shared smart is half smart!

Make it a basketball game

One of our favorites! Place different containers through the house. You can then play basketball with the dirty. Most points wins!

Go outside

Cleaning is usually done indoors, but it can also be done outdoors. Spring is coming and the sun is starting to shine more often. Maybe your garden needs a cleaning or that work can be done that can be done outdoors. Who knows, it is already warm enough to throw something tasty on the BBQ afterwards.

Sponges game

This goes as follows, buy some big sponges that you can attach to your children’s feet. These can then make a skating game and slide through the kitchen or bathroom. Guaranteed a lot of fun and a clean floor! Please note safety in this game.

Be smart

Nothing is as annoying as seeing no results. Therefore start with the large surfaces. Make the bed, remove all the troubles from the sofa and make the counter free and clean. This takes everything takes a quarter of an hour, but your house is already much better for the day!

Use the large cleaning as a fitness program

Cleaning is the perfect opportunity to do a number of exercises. Various videos can be found on the internet about combining cleaning and fitness. This way you make optimal use of your time and you can also enjoy more goodies afterwards.

What does a help in the household cost?

Maid? Do not clean a hobby? Especially many working people like to help someone in the household to have some more free time left. Frequently asked questions are: what does it cost or requires a domestic help per hour or per half-day for carrying out household tasks? Which tasks does a cleaning aid do?

A domestic help rents out to do household chores in and around the house with private individuals. The tasks can vary greatly:

  • Vacuuming and mopping
  • Fabrics
  • Wash windows
  • Cleaning kitchen, toilet and bathroom
  • Ironing
  • Do the dishes

Change beds and make up

The hourly rate of domestic help can vary considerably, depending mainly on the number of hours and frequency of cleaning work. Domestic help often requires a higher hourly wage for a one-off cleaning than for cleaning on a regular basis.