Train, dance and get challenged by this elite field of Swedish and international presenters. They will give you high quality training and inspiration above the ordinary. All presenters are leaders in their fields.


How about international stars like

Traci Copeland (USA), Derek Mitchell (USA), Charles Poliqiun (USA), Scott Sonnon (USA), Johanna Andersson (SWE), Krista Cahill (USA), Kendra Kemerley (USA), Emma Wiklund (SWE), Tony Stone (ITA), Rob Rich (USA), Jessica Clarén (SWE), Sebastian Piatek (FRA), Fredrik Andersson (SWE), Craig Smith (USA), Sonja Moses (UK), Cecilia Gustafsson (SWE), Kristin Sudeikis (USA), Monika Björn (SWE), Isaac Pena (USA), Joao Assuncao (SWE), Fredrik Sjöberg (SWE) and many more!

Scott Sonnon

HomeBellingham, Washington, USA
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Type of classes I teach

TACFIT Tactical Fitness, TACFIT Tactical Gymnastics, Circular Strength Training, Clubbell Athletics, Prasara Yoga, Exercise Compensation Yoga, Intu-Flow Joint Mobility, Recupper8 Joint Mobility and Resilience Breathing.

My specialty is

Specializes in the ability to recover rapidly from high stress (known as "tactical fitness"); and as the pioneer of the patented Clubbell, concentrated on three-dimensional range of motion strength, joint mobility, restorative movement capacity, compensatory yoga, expressible power and functional flow.

Training background

Scott is 5X USA National Team Coach (Sambo, Jiujitsu, Grappling and MMA) and 5X World Martial Arts Champion. He is Master of Sport, Trainer to Diplomats, Celebrities, Professional Sports Teams, Military Special Operations Units, Federal Law Enforcement Agencies and Fire Rescue Brigades.


Scott Sonnon