NTC is your mobile personal trainer. With over 100 exercises and more than 60 specially designed full-body workouts that are up dated frequently. NTC will help you improve your training. 


Select your goal for the workout (get lean, get toned, get strong, get focused) and the fitness level you want to train on (beginner or advanced). Based on your choice the NTC-app gives you a list of workouts for 15, 30 or 45 minutes and provides a detailed step-by-step instruction and video demonstration of each exercise. It is a great training tool.


Choose the music you want to listen to while training from iTunes or Spotify and receive instructions and pep talk through each step of your workout from the Nike professional trainer.


Your training will be logged, you will have exclusive rewards, a dynamic workout and a personal experience which means that the NTC-app will help you take your training to the next level. 


Get motivated and maximize your results. Whatever your fitness goal is, NTC takes it further, anytime and anywear. For free!



How it works