Plus Size Lingerie: Top 5 Tips to Shop

We often see lingerie advertisement with slim chested women flirtatiously shimmying around sending the message how comfortable they are in their lingerie. Well, what about full figured and curvaceous women? In fact, curvaceous and full figured women require more support as well as comfort to see them through the day. 

Plus sized women can now rejoice. All major lingerie companies as well as your neighbourhood boutique are introducing plus size lingerie to flatter your figure without compromising on comfort. The following five tips will throw some light on how to shop as well as choose lingerie for the curvaceous woman.

  1. Decide on what you are looking for – Ok this should not be that difficult. Decide on what you actually want to purchase, is it a pair of stockings, corset, garters or even a pair of bra and panty sets? It might also happen that you would want all of the above.

At the same time you have to think about if these lingerie items are for everyday use or for some special occasion. What is your preference in terms of plus size lingerie? You can have your pick from classics, vintage, steam punk or even goth. Remember, there is a whole range of lingerie for the curvy woman. At the same time your tastes might change once you start shopping and slowly have an exact idea of what you actually want.

  • Consider the level of control – Light support lingerie can help you to “smooth” yourself up while on the hand firm or extra firm can help in “correction”. Not that something is wrong with your body. However, it will help in guiding expectations in terms of plus size lingerie so that you don’t have to pass out due to lack of oxygen!
  • Size matters – Like any other shopping experience where it is imperative to know your size, lingerie shopping also requires that you have a fair idea of what you are setting for. Every brand has a personal measurement chart. Once you have determined your size, you can choose the right lingerie but whatever be the scenario avoid choosing smaller lingerie. Well, it may work for a few seconds but what’s the point if you can’t breathe. 
  • Consider your target areas – Many plus sized women consider buying shape wear thinking it will flatter/camouflage all the target areas such as breasts, tummy, derriere, This is not always the case with shape wear as plus size lingerie. For instance, it is possible that a thigh shaper might not necessarily help with your tummy. So, it is better to wear particular lingerie to target particular areas.
  • Shop the right lingerie – Now that you have a fair idea of your size and measurements, go out and enjoy your lingerie shopping. Don’t get flustered at the mind boggling array of stuff laid out in front of you. Consider the options you have and stay positive. 

These were a few tips on how to purchase plus size lingerie for the curvaceous woman. If you are still confused regarding plus size lingerie, try the internet. You are sure to come across forums that discuss ideas on corset lingerie for the plus size


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Tips to buy shoes Smartly Now


Sometimes, the time to buy shoes can go from being a rewarding experience to a headache if you do not know how, or what is the right way to buy some shoes that serve you and go according to the situations and the stage of your life where you are standing. Here we leave you with a series of 5 tips to make it easier to go out and buy shoes.

  1. The importance of the budget

If you go shopping, put a budget and respect it during your shopping day. If your budget is not very broad, focus on classic shoe models (for example, closed toe shoes in neutral colors or peep toe style) and invest your money in quality, instead of design.

But if your budget is bigger, choose your shoes according to your needs, personality, style and avant-garde. It should be noted that shoes can change the style of your outfit, which is worth a shoe that reflects your personality and makes you stand out. In buying the nike shoes this is very important now.

  1. Buy after work

Do not make the mistake, very common, of buying in the morning. Select your shoes in the afternoon because after a busy day, the feet tend to swell; this way you will find out what your real size is at the end of the day and be able to buy the right shoe and avoid discomfort later on.

  1. Inclinite for comfort

Do not be fooled by attractive models, if the shoe is not comfortable DO NOT BUY IT! You will end up forgetting them in your closet and it will cause you pain to see them and not be able to use them. It has all happened to us all. Also remember that your feet maintain all the weight of your body and are an essential part of your posture, so that they are pampered with padded shoes.

  1. Different sizes on your feet?

One foot is usually larger than the other, only that in some people the change is more noticeable; If so, choose the size that fits in the largest foot and solve in the smallest using templates in it.

  1. Focus on the occasions

If you are going to buy sports shoes, concentrate on this and do not deviate your look in other styles. Buy for the occasion, if you are looking for shoes for a night event; choose elegant shoes or sandals that make you look very good on your legs. If you are looking for your work, lean over classic models with a touch of modernity that you can go to work every day, whether flats or thick heels to withstand the day.

We recommend: 5 moments in which you should avoid going shopping. Put these tips into practice and we assure you that your search for the ideal shoe will be much easier.

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